Fabric Mist 03 120ml

Fabric Mist 03 120ml


Fabric Mist All Collections Bundle

Bundle includes: Fabric Mist 01 & 02 & 03

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Our Classic Barbershop Scent all-in-one mist can remove odours, suppresses bacteria and virus growth as well as sterilise your hands, clothes, shoes, room and cars to keep you clean and fresh all day.

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  • Ingredients

    • Our Classic Barbershop Scent has a rich woody tone, a calming yet prestigious fragance.
    • Strong deodorant ingredients that remove odours caused by sweats, humid air, food such as hot pot and cigarette on your clothes.
    • The bottle is light which is easy to carry and is convenient to use in outdoor.
    • Can be used as a hand sanitiser as it kills bacteria and germs on your hand.
    • Kills dust mites on your bed and furniture.


      • Alcohol (60%) : A strong disinfecting agent that kills germs and inhibit their growth on your clothes, hands, room etc. 60% is a recommended proportion by government bodies which has been proven to be effective against various bacteria and viruses.

        Glycerin : A scientifically proofed humectant that traps moisture from air to increase hydration on the top layer of your skin.



      How to use

      Hold about 7 inches away from target and spray 3-4 times on to your hands, clothes, furniture, shoes etc. Do not use on leather goods.


      I am very sweaty, will it work after a workout?

      Yes, our mist is designed to naturalise odours caused by sweat. Also, the mist bottle is light-weight and easy to carry, its a perfect fit for your workout routine.

      I have a dry type skin, can I use the mist on my hands?

      Its perfectly safe to use our mist on your hand. Our mist has a non-irritating formula that not only santilises your hands but also moisturises your hands. However, please avoid using on wound areas.

      How much should I use the mist?

      Gently spray 3-4 times on your hands, clothes, furniture or shoes and enjoy the day-long lasting deodorant effect and refreshing scent for all day long.

      Do I still need to use hand santiliser if I have the mist?

      No, this mist already contains 60% alcohol which is scientifically proven as effective to kill germs. You don't need to use other hand santiliser.

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      Besides using on clothes and shoes, our Fabric Mist can be use as a hand sanitiser to protect you from all kind of germs and bacterial.

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