Hair clay is a versatile and highly effective styling product that has made a significant impact on men's grooming practices. Not only does it provide a medium hold and a matte finish, but it also adds volume and thickness to your hair. In this comprehensive guide, we will teach you how to apply hair clay step by step and provide tips on using hair clay.


1. How To Use Hair Clay

1.1 Prepare Your Hair

Ensure your hair is clean and free from any product residue. Use your regular pre-styling product to boost your hair and get it ready for styling. Using a pre-styling product can help prepare your hair for the clay, making it easier to distribute the product and style your hair. Use a hair dryer to direct your hair in the desired style direction. 

1.2 Use a Pea-Sized Amount of Clay

Layering is the key to perfect styling with hair clay. Instead of using a lot of clay all at once, apply it in small amounts at a time. Start with a small, pea-sized amount. You can add more later if needed. This layering technique helps achieve a more even distribution.

1.3 Warm the Clay

Before applying the clay, rub the clay between your palms to warm it up until it's smooth and easy to spread. There should be no clumps or bits of product left in your hands. This helps the clay distribute more evenly in your hair.

1.4 Style Your Hair

Start by coating the top of your hair if you're pushing it back. Work your hands through your hair from root to tip, ensuring all strands are coated. Work volume and definition into your hair and stop when you're satisfied.

1.5 Fix or Finish Your Hair

You can use hairspray to fix your hair, but with the reworkable nature of clay, you might find it unnecessary. Instead, use a little more product to sweep over the surface of the hair to tame any flyaway hairs.

how to apply hair clay

2. How Much Hair Clay To Use

The amount of hair clay required depends on your hair type. You may refer to the general standards below for reference. 

2.1 Thin or Fine Hair

Individuals with thin or fine hair should use a smaller amount of hair clay. The product can weigh down the hair, making it look flat rather than voluminous. A pea-sized amount, or even less, should suffice for styling fine hair.

2.2 Thick Hair

Those with thick hair may need to use more hair clay to achieve the desired hold. Thick hair has more volume and can be harder to style, so a larger amount might be necessary. However, it's still important to start with a small amount and gradually add more to avoid an over-saturated look.

2.3 Short Hair

For short hair, a small amount of hair clay can usually provide a good hold, for example, a pea-sized amount. Too much product may result in a greasy or heavy appearance.

2.4. Long Hair

Long hair might require more hair clay to get a decent hold, especially if you're aiming for a specific style. Again, start small and gradually add more to avoid applying too much.

how to apply clay on hair

3. How To Apply Hair Clay Evenly

The goal is to have a thin layer of clay on each hair strand. Applying too much product can weigh down your hair and make it look greasy, while applying too little might not give you the hold and style you want. It may take a little practice to find the right balance, but once you do, you'll be able to create a variety of styles with ease.

3.1 Start at the Roots

For the best hold and volume, start applying the clay at the roots of your hair and work it up to the tips. This ensures that the product is evenly distributed and that your style will hold from the base.

3.2 Use Your Fingers like a Comb

As you apply the clay, use your fingers like a comb to spread the product throughout your hair. This technique helps ensure even distribution.

3.3 Apply in Sections

If you have thick or long hair, you may want to divide your hair into sections and apply the clay one section at a time. This ensures that all parts of your hair get an even amount of product. 

3.4 Use a Comb or Brush

After applying the clay with your hands, you can use a comb or brush to further distribute the product and shape your hair.


4. JAAAM Hair Clay Products

4.1. Dynamic Clay Styling Value Set

Dynamic Clay Styling Value Set is perfect for those who are new to using hair clay or for those who want a complete hair clay styling solution. The Dynamic Clay provides a medium to strong hold, allowing for easy re-styling throughout the day.

4.2 Texture Clay Styling Value Set

The Texture Clay in this set is ideal for those who want a more textured and voluminous look. It provides a high hold with a matte finish, making it perfect for everyday use.

4.3 Signature All-in-one Styling Bundle

Signature All-in-one Styling Bundle not only includes the Texture Clay but also features Dynamic Clay and Grooming Foam, providing you a comprehensive solution for all your hair styling needs.

September 23, 2023